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Logan Paul NFT buyback shows celebs can’t ‘play around’ in Web3

YouTube investigator Coffeezilla pointed out that participants in the buyback program will waive actual or anticipated claims against Logan Paul and CryptoZoo.

Community members have reacted to YouTuber Logan Paul’s buyback announcement, delivering on his year-old promise to refund the disgruntled investors of his nonfungible token (NFT) project CryptoZoo. 

The NFT project was supposed to be a play-to-earn (P2E) game that lets players buy, sell, breed and trade animals with crypto. The YouTuber announced the project in August 2021, but the game was never released. This sparked allegations of fraud and led to a class-action lawsuit against the celebrity. 

Throughout the controversy, several commentators called on Paul to make investors whole. They’ve also kept a watchful eye on the progress since Paul promised refunds almost a year ago

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Logan Paul NFT buyback shows celebs can’t ‘play around’ in Web3 2024/01/05 07:21

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3 Overheated Tech Stocks to Skip This Summer

Brokerage firm Morgan Stanley believes these three tech stocks have run up quite a bit, and should be best avoided at current levels.

3 Overheated Tech Stocks to Skip This Summer 2024/06/22 14:06

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How much is Bitcoin worth today?

Bitcoin is worth around $43,850 today, with its price consolidating ahead of the key spot ETF decision in the U.S.

Bitcoin's (BTC) price has been intensely scrutinized as investors and analysts watch for signs of its next major move.

As of Jan. 5, BTC's price was stabilizing around $43,850 after a 4.75% drop from its local high, suggesting a cautious market awaiting decisive moves.

The drop appeared amid rumors of U.S. regulators rejecting a round of spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) applications, which have been a critical point of focus for the crypto community.

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How much is Bitcoin worth today? 2024/01/05 07:46

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